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Study in Myosteopractic

Study in Myosteopractic provides the opportunity for an exciting career, a lifelong commitment to learning and self-development and a positive way of contributing to society.

The College of Myosteopractic was established in Cape Town in 2006. It offers non-residential courses leading to professional certifications in Myosteopractic.

Myosteopractic is a comprehensive bodywork system requiring commitment to a rigorous training and practice schedule. Practitioner assessments are conducted before qualifying certificates are awarded.

Myosteopractic training engages the whole person. The training seeks to develop a practitioner’s perceptive ability, enabling them to engage with their client more effectively.

In addition to learning and practising techniques and their applications, participants are expected to undertake a personal practice of chi kung for the duration of their studies. It is recommended that practitioners continue to engage in chi kung or an equivalent personal practice should they wish to pursue a career in Myosteopractic.


Certificate in Myosteopractic: Modular course. Teaching time: 160 hours; practice time: daily commitment between modules. Ongoing assessment; final assessment; case studies. Please see: Entrance Requirements below

Please note that this is a serious commitment requiring dedicated class and practice times. It is a professional qualification, and requires more effort and application than most students expect. Those interested are encouraged to talk to graduate students.

Diploma in Myosteopractic: A minimum of one year’s professional practice (seeing a minimum of 12 clients a week) and two advanced seminars. Entrance requirement: Certificate in Myosteopractic.

Higher Diploma in Myosteopractic: A minimum of a further two year’s practice (seeing a minimum of 32 clients a week) and a further two more advanced seminars. Written research project. Entrance requirement: Diploma in Myosteopractic.

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Entrance Requirements

The following entrance requirements must be completed before commencing Myosteopractic training:

    • Personal experience of Myosteopractic - minimum of three sessions
    • An interview
    • Approved Anatomy and Physiology
    • Approved Basic Level 1 First Aid

Class Schedule

Certifacate in Myosteopractic basic tuition will be provided in five modules, each of four days’ duration.

    • Module 1 - Landmarks, palpation, structural directions and oscillation
    • Module 2 - Bilateral skeletal release 
    • Module 3 - Cross-release
    • Module 4 - Myofascial release and organ release
    • Module 5 - Practice management, client relations and full system integration

Modules will run Friday to Monday from 09:00 to 17:00. Each module includes in-depth tuition, detailed notes and assessment.

A Certificate of Myosteopractic will be awarded to students following successful completion of all five modules.


Myosteopractic modules: ZAR 6,000 per module includes tuition, course notes, supervised practice and assessments. Should prospective students request a class outside of the Cape Town area, the travel and accommodation costs will be factored into the module fee.

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